At Occhiali we know how important personal attention, quality and premium service are to you. We want you to be happy with our advice and leave our shop looking good. Obviously, we start with a professional eye test and choose the right lenses. And we will take all the time you need to select the designer frame. After all, it’s about your style.

Single vision/multifocal

If you have difficulty seeing in the distance or close up, you need single vision lenses. This is particularly the case for young people. Above the age of 40, reading will probably become more difficult too. If you need to correct your vision for both distance and reading, then multifocal lenses are the solution. Multifocal means that various strengths are incorporated in the lens. You use the upper part to see in the distance and the lower part for reading. The relationship between the distance and the reading part and the smooth transition from one part to the other partly determines the quality of the glass and thus the price.

Screen & office lenses

Lenses for screen & office work are specially developed for close work and intermediate work. These lenses are therefore ideal when using the computer at the office or at home, offering the wearer a wider vision. Unlike when you use multifocal lenses for computer screen work, they give you better and more comfortable vision in different positions. Computer & office glasses can also prevent specific problems, like:

  • Tired feeling in or behind the eye
  • Headache
  • Pain in the neck or shoulder
  • Blurred vision and burning eyes


Prescription lenses

Most sunglasses can be provided with prescription lenses, with the colour varying from light to very dark. You can choose the type of lens and the colour which suits you best.

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