Eye test

A good pair of glasses starts with a good eye test. The quality of the measurements made during the eye test determines comfort. The qualified opticians at Occhiali will be happy to give you no-obligation advice for the best viewing comfort, geared to your personal wishes and preferences.

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Occhiali stands for premium service and commitment. Our sales advisors will be happy to spend time with you selecting the best glasses. We look for the ideal match, not just according to the latest fashion trends, but according to what suits you, your personality, your image and your brand preferences. The same applies to lenses, whereby comfort is the deciding factor. Get eyespired by Occhiali.


The quality of the lenses is vital to enable you to see well and comfortably, and this starts with a good eye test. At Occhiali, eye measurements are made by qualified opticians. With an extensive selection of lenses which can be provided with different coatings and anti-reflection, we can provide the right lenses for any personal wish and situation.

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Contact Lenses

Occhiali responds to innovations and new developments, particularly where contact lenses are concerned. With us, you are assured of the best care and the highest quality. Contact lenses offer many advantages and can be easily combined with glasses or sunglasses. Occhiali offers you an extensive selection of different types of contact lenses, such as daily or monthly lenses. But we’ve made one choice for you already: the best quality.

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